Undue, cruel and inhumane punishment

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Camp Vicente Lim, 16 July 2006–Another victim has fallen to the PNP’s ruthless use of psychological teror on political prisoners at the PNP Calabarzon PRO4 headquarters in Camp Vicente Lim, Canlubang, Laguna.

Mrs. Maria R. Ybañez, wife of “Tagaytay 5” political prisoner Enrico Y Ybañez, succumbed to leukemia last July 15, without seeing Enrico, despite repeated requests to the PNP PRO4 Regional Intelligence & Investigation Division (RIID/R2) to allow Enrico to visit his wife on humanitarian considerations.

The Tagaytay 5 have unfailingly asked the RIID top officers, namely Sr. Supt. Aaron D. Fidel and Supt Rafael S. Aguilar for the said urgent request but all our pleas fell on deaf ears. Nobody among the so-called “top-notch” operatives of the RIID-Calabarzon were gentlemen and officers enough to assume the responsibility to grant such a humanitarian request. And in order to schemingly camouflage their utter unconcern cold-bloodedness and ruthless use of psychological terror on political prisoners, they skirted their command and direct responsibility of detainees rights and welfare by throwing this life-and-death matter to the Honorable Court – “get a court order.”

In a short span of 80 days in handling the “Tagaytay 5” cases, the gentlemen of RIID Calabarzon have mastered the act of cunningly invoking the legal processes and court orders to inflict further psychological terrorism on the political prisoners, and to avert acting expeditiously to our welfare issues. They find the courts as convenient scapegoats to slow down processes that could favor the political prisoners yet they also render the court and legal processes inutile when they conduct with impunity their forcible and warrantless arrests, searches and seizures as they did to the Tagaytay 5 on April 28, 2006 and other illegal arrests of common criminals.

Since our detention at Camp Vicente Lim, we have confronted the PRO4 officers, specifically the RIID gentlemen with urgent issues like urgent medical attention for xray and lab tests; immediate family visits on account of grave illness and, now, death. Issues which by tradition within the PNP-AFP can be decided by officers as a matter of emergency or humanitarian reasons, as well within the principle of commander’s prerogatives. But no! Nobody in this whole wide array of officers corps of PRO4 Calabarzon wanted to assume responsibility, much more feel the sense of urgency.

“Bakit ba kapag para sa kagalingan at ikabubuti ng mga bilanggo ay ayaw nilang pagpasyahan at ipapasa sa mga korte? Pero kapag para sa ikapipinsala at ikapapahamak ng mamamayan ay tunay na binabalewala ng militar at pulis ang mga korte at mga prosesong legal.”

As such, we denounce and oppose this RIID’s deliberate use of psychological terror as part of the PNP-AFP’s outlook that political dissenters, much more political prisoners are “Enemies of the State”. The unleashing of psychological terror oven within the prison cells is a form of undue, cruel and inhumane punishment, which is prohibited from all penal codes and penology manuals of civilized countries, considering that we are not yet convicted and supposedly presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

This being our situation now, we can only say: “Mas masahol pa ang pekeng presidenteng si Gloria kaysa sa pasistang si Marcos!”


Base Police Detention Cell
PRO4 Calabarzon
Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City, Laguna

Reference Person: Laura Sarmiento
Mobile # 09272827028


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