Though the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948 and a lot of Convention has been passed since, human rights violations are still rampant in all parts of the world.

In the Philippines, albeit the Estrada Administration has signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) in 1998 through the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the State is blatantly violating the rights of every Filipinos.

The Arroyo Administration who succeeded after the Estrada Regime at the expense of the People Power 2 proved that it will never protect the interests of the people.

After more than seven (7) years in power, the Arroyo government continues to violate people’s rights – chiefly, the rights of anybody who is vocal in opposing the anti-poor policies of the administration.

And Cavite, being in the Southern Tagalog Region identified by the government as one of the priority regions in their counter-insurgency program, is not spared from political repression.


Tagaytay 5 were jailed for more than two (2) years after being abducted in dusk of 28 April 2006 while on their way to a peasant organization consultation in Batangas from Tagaytay.

The rebellion charges pressed against them were dismissed by the Regional Trial Court in Tagaytay City under Judge Edwin Larida on 20 August 2008.

Though released from their two-year detention in Camp Vicente Lim, the struggle continue for the group, again starting from where they left off two years earlier and their pursuit for justice.



After the charges pressed against the Tagaytay 5 were dismissed, the State started to file criminal charges against leaders and activists of legitimate people’s organizations across the Southern Tagalog region.

Though cases of political killings toned down, the attack still continues with selective targets. Now, the State is using another approach of attacking people’s rights but not different from what the Marcos regines had done – arresting leaders and activists of legitimate mass organizations.


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