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Family, friends, and companions were surprised when P/Sr Supt Fidel Posadas, the provincial police director said that Lourdes Rubrico popularly known as Nanay Ude was abducted due to her involvement in a land scam.

Everybody is not resolved with the statement of the provincial police office in April 5. We with the family and friends believe that what happened is another round of political repression and harassment in the province under OPLAN BANTAY LAYA 2.

The incident also shows the mode that the elements of state is using against progressives and militants. Evident in the previous incidents of killings and frustrated killings in the province, all were packaged to be showcased to be a common crime and not included in the string of political repression in the country.

For instance, the frustrated killing of Gerry Cristobal, then union president of EMI-YAZAKI in Imus, april 28 last year was dubbed by Col. Rhodel Sermonia, the provincial police intelligence officer, that he is involved in a drug trade and that the shooting is part of a legitimate operation. Like wise, the killing of Jesus “Buth” Servida a union leader of the same company in Dec. 11 last year was made public that the incident was due to a business rivalry.

We pose a challenge to the provincial police office to stop intriguing and stories. Conduct a deep investigation and resolve the worsening human rights violation in the province.



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While the whole Christian world recalls the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ in

Calvary where he was crucified, political repression continues when a sixty-year old urban poor leader was abducted by four armed men while sleeping in a shelter at Megahouse, Sta.Cruz 1, DBB-E, Dasmariñas. 

Lourdes Rubrico, popularly known as Nanay Ude one of the pioneers of Ugnayan ng mga Maralita sa Gawa at Adhika (UMAGA) Federation, was known for her four-decade long struggle with the urban poor sector in Dasmariñas in fighting for their rights for a decent housing for they were one of the relocatees in Bagong Bayan in 1970’s from different parts of Metro Manila. 

Witness accounts say that Nanay Ude was sleeping when they saw a light brown colored van entered the abandoned industrial site, set by the National Housing Authority (NHA) to be as temporary relocation, in Sta. Cruz 1 at three o’ clock in the afternoon. They never suspected that the four fairly-looking men who alighted the vehicle would abduct the sleeping urban poor leader in a dwelling. The men woke and forcibly took the victim inside the van. Although the witnesses tried to get into Mrs. Rubrico, one of the abductors pointed his short firearm to them and carried out the abduction. Bystanders acquired the plate number of the vehicle that hurriedly went off in the community. 

Nanay Ude’s companions said that the former has no personal enemy but her deep commitment with the cause of the urban poor groups may have induced abhorrence to the organizers of Barangay Alternative Community Leaders (BACAL) group of organizations under the office of the provincial governor being the one under UMAGA Federation who rejects the idea of BACAL to relocate individuals under them in Megahouse, Sta. Cruz 1. BACAL is said to collect a certain amount from people from the time of their relocation in the said community while UMAGA Federation who handles the case and recognized by the NHA fights to award the temporary relocation site to the people. 

Relatives, friends, and companions of Nanay Ude strongly condemn the abduction and now are tirelessly searching in camps, hospitals, and other possible locations.

Hungry for Justice and Freedom

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On February 20, 2007, the 298th day of our abduction and prolonged undeserved detention we, the Tagaytay 5, are launching our prison protest – so that justice and truth may reign, freedom be regained, and prisoners’ rights be respected. On this day, we shall start an indefinite fast here in the Base Police Detention Cell of the Philippine National Police – Police Regional Office 4A (PNP-PRO4A), Camp Vicente Lim, Canlubang, Laguna.

We have suffered and endured for 10 long months. The PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines units were quite quick in abducting and robbing us on that fateful sundown of April 28, 2006 on the basis of hearsay, but were ironically quite poor and painfully slow in processing their baseless accusations imputed against the Tagaytay 5. The Cavite PNP and the PRO4A – Regional Intelligence and Investigation Division (RIID) even resorted to incriminatory machinations, such as planting evidences, and yet to this very day have miserably failed to produce even one shred of evidence to prove their malicious allegations and trumped-up charges so as to slyly cover-up their illegal seizure of almost PhP800,000.00 of funds for rural development projects and other valuable personal belongings.

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Tagaytay 5 challenges Japan on Cavite labor killings

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We, the Tagaytay 5, steadfastly challenge the Government of Japan to be true to its human rights rhetoric, in the light of the latest outbreak in industrial violence in the EMI-Yazaki factory in Imus, Cavite where Jesus “Buth” Servida, the genuine workers’ union former president was shot treacherously by bonnet-wearing murderers last 11 December 2006. We dare Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Foreign Minister Taro Aso to be seriously concerned with this dastardly act of human rights violation, and make true their warning to the Arroyo government that “the Philippines must improve its human rights record as a condition to receiving more economic aid.”
EMI-Yazaki in Imus, Cavite is one of the biggest and oldest Japanese investments in Cavite and the entire CALABARZON region, and is a major supplier of automotive electrical harness to such Japanese industrial giants such as Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Unfortunately though, EMI-Yazaki is also the site for two murders and an attempted assassination of top union leaders of EMI in the past two years.

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The counter-insurgency war is definitely anti-development; corruption and plunder is utterly anti-poor

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“Some guys have all the luck;
Some guys have all the pain”
–Rod Stewart, popular rock star
What does Jocjoc Bolante, Nani Perez, “Garci” Garcillano, Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia and Jovito Palparan have in common? They are those called by Rod Stewart as “some (of the) guys (who) have all the luck,” for they are Malacañang’s favorite operators, criminally condemned yet judicially unscathed.
And what does the Tagaytay 5, the Erap 5, the Batasan 6, the OFWs doomed in Lebanon, the 730 or so victims of political killings and the nursing students of Class 2006 have in common? They are those pertained by the British rock star as “some guys (who) have all the pain;” they who have been clear victims of the brutal and arbitrary conduct of the Arroyo government’s counter-insurgency war, and victims of state corruption and plunder.
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